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Understanding the user to recommend the most relevant experience. Monetization that never felt so right, ads that never looked so good.

Provide your users with a state-of-the-art discovery experience, tailored to their unique context, behaviors, and interests. Our SDK offers a full mix of engaging ad formats, optimized to serve the highest-yielding app discovery and re-engagement content.

  • Full-Screen Video Ads

    Versatile demand and the highest global eCPMs. Provide a TV-standard ad experience in the natural app breaks.

  • Rewarded Video

    Make ads an integral part of your product, entwining them with the app or game scenario. Enable your users to get in-app rewards (e.g. unlocking pro-features, getting extra playtime, etc.) in exchange for watching an engaging video commercial.

  • Native Ads

    We’ve proven that a user-centered monetization experience amplifies revenues, and secures engagement with your app. Leverage Appnext’s renowned Native ads solution to access raw campaign data, and build unique placements that blend seamlessly with your content.

  • Interstitial

    The top performer of all times, Appnext Interstitial, features a top converting video ad, followed by a few other apps your users may be interested in. Optimized to any device and bandwidth, this classic format keeps beating revenue records.

  • SDK

Product Highlights

App install & re-engagement campaigns

Location-based & behavioral targeting

RON & Direct-Buy campaigns

Diverse pricing models - CPC, CPI

Min eCPM threshold

Versatile video demand - utility apps, games, brands apps

Lean SDK implementation

Welcome to a mobile engagement powerhouse!
It’s time to take mobile seriously - monetize content and engage your mobile users with tailor-made app recommendations and an industry-leading creative suite.

  • Recommendation Widget

    Monetize your mobile real estate with native mobile formats. The world’s top utility apps, games and brands’ apps will be competing to be displayed to your users.

  • Carousel Widget 300x250

    Use this interactive mobile format to feature a great variety of relevant apps, enabling your readers to slide and see the most interesting ones.

  • Classic Banner 320x50

    Maximize revenue from the top standard mobile web format. Instantly access massive global video demand for the best converting app campaigns, optimized to the highest eCPM.

  • Interstitial

    Get your users' undivided attention, recommending apps they may like via a top performing, video-enhanced display format.

    We recommend implementing full-screen units in natural content breaks in order to preserve the UX, and secure engagement and revenues.

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Product Highlights

8X higher conversion rates

2,500 concurrent campaigns live

RON & Direct-Buy campaigns

Versatile video demand- utility apps, games, brands’ apps

Flexible implementation - JS, iFrame, Vast

Diverse pricing models - CPC, CPI

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