Build A Great App Distribution Business

Access endless demand via Appnext’s open API

Hosted Ad Serving Solution

Appnext Ad Manager is a hosted ad serving solution that
allows you to programmatically manageyour CPI-based
direct inventory sales, and get connected to the thousands
of Appnext advertisers bidding directly for your inventory.

Unmatched Advertiser Diversity

Appnext Demand Side Platform (DSP) operates on a fully
self-serve basis, enabling thousands of global app
advertisers to place CPI bids in real time.

Appnext welcomes on board both utility apps and games,
securing superb offer relevancy for diverse users.


Independent App Stores

Connect and collaborate with
the Appnext premium
partner ecosystem and
discover new apps for your
independent App stores.

Ad Networks

Reach thousands of
advertisers by connecting
to the top mobile DSP,
exclusively dedicated
to app discovery.

Content Discovery Networks

Deliver a unique and targeted
experience by adding an
app content layer, while
enabling mobile users to
engage with another app
in the right context.

Handset Manufactures

Let your users discover the
most relevant apps via a
pre-installed recommendation
widget. Achieve supreme
engagement and an exceptional
customer experience.

Advanced Reporting

Get a 360° view of your mobile monetization — the apps you promote, the bids they pay,
the revenue you make with each partner

In addition to the intuitive Dashboard,
Appnext offers the following methods of automated reporting:

Postback API

Each event will appear on your server in real time

Reporting API

The event data can be placed automatically on your own Dashboard

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