Appnext Actions

Reach your users at the moments you cannot miss

Tap into users’ next actions and deliver your app right at the decision-making point

Appnext Actions

A unique patent-pending product that streamlines dozens of daily on-device tasks, helping us make better choices, faster and more efficiently. Re-envisioning the way we experience life with our mobile devices.

new users

Run meaningful
re-engagement campaigns

Stand out
among competitors

Take Action -
Drive Sales

Contact Us


Taxi Rides Ordered


Goods Purchased


Romantic Dates Set


Restaurant Tables Reserved

Implementation Partners Turn Your App Into a Platform

Connect users to their next actions. Implement Appnext Actions as native product features, or enable our the Appnext Timeline technology to adapt to users’ unique context in real-time.

Going out for lunch?
Find a Restaurant

Going out for lunch?
Find a Restaurant

Order a Taxi

Play a game

Listen to music

Order a Taxi


Find a Restaurant

Book a Flight

Order a Taxi

Book a Hotel

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Messengers Launchers & Lockscreen Apps Maps & Navigation Apps Keyboard Apps OEMs & Carriers

Appnext Actions is currently available to a closed pool of premium partners. Apply to get a demo and request access. Contact Us

Appnext Actions When They Need Your App Most

7:00Waking Up


Suggested Action


8:00Leaving Home

En Route

Suggested Action

Find Public Transportation

8:15Commuting to Work

En Route

Suggested Action

Play a Game



Suggested Action

Find a Restaurant