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The discovery battlefield is ruthless, with millions of app troops, and billions of exhausted users under siege. As a mobile user yourself, you’ve been bombarded with never-ending calls to “Install Now”. Think past installs, driving engagement, making users happy, and ensuring your apps are used again and again.

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Appnext Timeline

Is an unparallelled patent-pending user intelligence technology. It learns and interprets historical and real-time behavioral patterns to understand users’ immediate context, and predict the “moment” they are likely to experience next.

The products

The Ultimate App Marketing Platform

To amplify mobile user acquisition and re-engagement campaigns

Native and Video Ads

Reach new users and re-engage existing ones across 25,000 top mobile apps, games, and leading mobile websites.

Easily run call-to-action experiments - creative A/B tests for an unmatched variety of formats, including video, native, and audio ads.

Appnext Actions

Dive a level deeper. Enhance the real-life moments experienced by your users, reaching them through the contextual actions they’re interested in taking right now. Appnext Actions unite millions of mobile users, helping them discover new apps and re-engage with their favorites during their decision-making moments throughout the day.

Self-Serve Marketing Platform

In 2014, we introduced the world’s first self-serve platform, exclusively dedicated to app marketing. Today, we provide app marketers with a transparent and easy-to-manage solution for scalable UA and retargeting programs.

Get a 360° view and enjoy full control, launching and optimizing your campaigns - at your own pace.

Helping 650 million global users experience apps & games throughout the day

Mobile User Acquisition

Over 650M users interact with Appnext-powered app recommendations several times a day.
Find new, engaged users across thousands of apps, games, and mobile websites through native and video ads, or deliver your app right at the user's’ decision-making points with Appnext Actions.


Keep your users engaged and your apps used again and again.

Hack app growth with powerful re-engagement programs. Drive engagement and in-app revenue with Video and Actions campaigns, reaching out to the right users with the right message, at the moments that matter. Connect to your users when they need you most, making your app an integral part of their day.

Multiple Pricing Options

Hit your marketing goals and achieve the highest ROI across GEOs, placements, and formats. The Appnext platform supports CPI and CPC-based campaigns, depending on the campaign type, targeting and set up.

100% Self-Serve Platform

Watch your campaigns go live, in under an hour. Let’s cut the paperwork, and email ping-pong - simply sign-up and get started.

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Supported apps
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Audience targeting

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It's time to move beyond the install, measuring and refining your campaign performance. Identify quality user channels, invaluable publishers, and make ROI-driven optimization decisions. Track anything.


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Take the most comfortable way to ensure accurate install tracking – go with the Appnext proprietary tracking SDK or with any of the top-class integrated tracking solutions.

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