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Expand your content with apps your readers will love, reaching new revenue streams and native mobile engagement.

Monetize with Context.
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Draw apps and games from specific categories that perfectly match content your users are exploring.

Provide your users with content they need, value, and trust, driving engagement and time spent on your site.

12,000 of monetized websites.

8 x Higher CTR

On mobile, every tap matters. Champion content relevance, recommending native app content, and secure an ad response rate 8x that of standard mobile units.

Designed for mobile, developed for websites.

Instantly connect to a massive video ad demand from top utility apps, games and brands’ apps, competing to be displayed to your readers.

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The Appnext Website Monetization Platform

Helping Thousands of Websites Engage, Monetize and Build Mobile Audiences

Ultimate Transparency

Get a 360° view of your mobile monetization – the apps you promote, the bids you receive, and the revenue you make with each partner.

Premium Mobile Monetization

Serving the highest performing video campaigns from the top mobile publishers.


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