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We empower you to become an active partner by building a relationship with your customers and changing the way they interact and experience life with your device. Appnext offers users a shortcut to frequently-used or new mobile services they want to explore while you generate revenue.

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Embed Appnext widget and monetize user’s mobile interaction by bundling a set of suggested applications, tuned to user’s taste, leveraging countless home-screen impressions.

Integrate thematic app suggestions within dedicated category folders so users may discover apps and services in the context of their search driving superior results.

Let users discover new apps and services when they swipe right on the home screen aiming to experience new content. Monetize user’s journey while offering an engaging and targeted app portfolio.

Monetize user’s numerous mobile interactions by bundling a set of suggested applications, tuned to user’s taste, in various device placements, including: App store, home screen, minus 1 screen, folders and more.

Leverage high-intent users and generate premium results.

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Turn Your Device Into an App Discovery Hub

Appnext unique user flow allows you to tap into customers’ daily mobile experiences. Transform your device into a personalized context driven, decision-making hub and own users’ interactions with mobile apps and services, building rewarding relationships while helping them make better choices.

Provide a Tailor-made User Experience

Proprietary indexing algorithms serve the most relevant apps and services based on user location, historical behavior patterns, interests and individual preferences, adding a whole new non-intrusive layer to your user experience by engaging your customers at the moments that matter to them.

Unleash New Revenue Streams

Provide users with an end-to-end mobile journey while you monetize. Generate recurring revenues by offering your users apps and services throughout the entire customer journey.

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