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India, according to AppsFlyer, is the #1 country in the world in the number of apps installed and used per month. Appnext celebrated a record year in India, with over 3.5B daily app recommendations from its platform. With the availability of the Appnext ORP, we are pleased to extend this offering to the ‘Made in India’ app ecosystem and empower your growth.

This offer is aligned with the Government’s vision of enabling the growth of the indigenous tech ecosystem to innovate, develop and promote best-in-class homegrown apps with the Digital India Innovate Challenge. Accelerating the recommendation channels is critical to app growth. Appnext ORP provides an exclusive opportunity to get apps recommended on the hottest mobile placements.

Program Benefits

Upon joining this program and after listing your app or game, you will enjoy a range of benefits, including:


Find and engage with new, relevant users on top OEM brands with exclusive on-device placements worldwide


Access to Appnext’s organic recommendation engine and large scale of behavioral data to deliver personalized and optimized campaigns


Reach new users that can now discover apps and services they haven’t been exposed to before


Stats and insights of your activity will be available via the MMP Platforms

Get discovered on Appnext hottest on-device and in-app placements worldwide

Find and engage with relevant, high-intent users and let them discover your app

Enjoy a new and exciting non-paid discovery channel and reach new users that can now discover apps and services they haven’t been exposed to before

Program Requirements:


Installs and above

Application availability in Google Play Store


And above store rating

Integration with one of the following tracking solutions:

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