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Maximize Your Mobile App Potential, Mumbai

August 3rd

China Joy 2023

July 28th

Mobile Marketing Magnified, Jakarta

July 25th


Appnext Partners With General Mobile To Power on-device personalized recommendations to Its customers

Feb 23, 2023

Mobicel Partners With Appnext To Power Device-Level App Recommendations On Its Smartphones

March 1, 2023

Appnext expands collaboration with OPPO, Realme to power device-level app recommendations

April 13, 2022

Case Studies

Kopi Kenangan

Learn How Coffee Chain Kopi Kenangan Witnesses App Growth Beyond Expectations With Their Partnership With Appnext

Tikla Gelsin

Learn How Food Ordering App Tikla Gelsin Sees Four-Fold Increase In Purchases In Just Four Months Of Partnering With Appnext


Learn How MakeMyTrip Boost its Active Users with Appnext Innovative Tech


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